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Brain Gauge Pro

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Track brain health for the people that depend on you. Every patient. Every athlete. Because everyone deserves to know what’s affecting their brain health.

With Brain Gauge Pro, you won’t have to worry about individual test fees or expensive monthly subscriptions. Test unlimited subjects and check all of their results from one screen. You can even add notes about injuries and treatments for each patient, and track recovery and improvement over time.

Who needs Brain Gauge Pro?

Built for clinicians and researchers who need a tool to help measure brain health

The Brain Gauge Pro provides an objective measure of brain function to help professionals assess recovery and treatments.


Unlimited Testing

No limits on your number of patients or how frequently you test them.


Telemedicine Ready

Test patients remotely with Brain Gauge Home and have their data transmitted directly to your results portal.


Insurance Reimbursable

Testing is covered under many insurance policies, for more information and suggested CPT billing codes refer to our support center


Export Your Data

Results can be downloaded as a summary PDF, an accessible Excel spreadheet, or raw JSON to write your own data analytics.

Brain Gauge Setup

Technical Info

System Includes:

  • Brain Gauge MD
  • Premium Storage Case
  • One ProTools User Account

General Specs

  • Dimensions: 4.4" x 2.8" x 1.6"
  • Weight: 120g
  • Supported Operating Systems: MacOS 10.10+, Windows 10+, and Chrome OS
  • Accuracy: ~ 1 micron
  • Tests: Focus, Speed, Fatigue, Accuracy, Time Perception, Plasticity, Connectivity

Warranty / Return Policy

Warranty: 12 month Limited

Return Policy: 30 days

Support Documentation

Brain Gauge Pro - Getting Started

Brain Gauge Pro - User Guide

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