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ICES-PEMF technology represents a vast and unexplored technology
with nearly unlimited potential for helping those in pain.

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What is



Originally developed for NASA

Original Research on ICES-PEMF began at NASA (1996-1998) before being moved to DARPA. The technology has been privately funded since 2003.


ICES stands for Inductively Coupled Electrical Stimulation

Uses electro-magnetic induction to convey electrical signals to cells deep within tissue by induction, without penetrating the skin or using electrodes

How does it work?

The way that ICES-PEMF works is still poorly understood. Our theory revolves around Faraday's law of induction and an understanding of cellular membrane potential. Numerous research studies have shown the overwhelmingly positive outcomes, but research is just beginning to explore the exact mechanisms at play.

  • 1.
    The ICES-PEMF devices produce a focused magnetic field.
  • 2.
    This magnetic field induces an electric field on the outsides and insides of cells.
  • 3.
    The induced electrical currents moves ions in and around the cellular membrane.
  • 4.
    The cell responds to this movement of ions, similar to the way it does during exercise.
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What makes ICES different?

The core principles behind Micro-Pulse technology are:



You can trust Flux Health to tell you the truth about PEMF.

This is not a magic cure.
There is not a magic frequency.
It will not work for everyone.

Join our forum and discuss your experience with PEMF freely.

We want to create a community of members who can help each other through sharing their experiences and their knowledge about using PEMF.



Not all PEMF devices are created equal. ICES-PEMF is generations ahead of the other PEMF devices on the market.

The majority of PEMF devices on the market rely on the orginal designs from the early 90's. ICES-PEMF is still changing, using modern technology to become more efficent, more portable, and also more affordable.

Our technology relies on ultra-low power PEMF and a best in class signal-to-noise ratio.



Our PEMF Generators cost a fraction of what many other PEMF Manufacturers charge.

ICES Pemf systems can be as little as 1/50th of the cost of comparable PEMF systems because:

We sell direct to consumer.

ICES devices use advanced designs that are specifically designed to be small, simple, and affordable.

We spend zero dollars on marketing and advertising.

Who can benefit from ICES?


Bone Regeneration

In a private study at Texas A&M Vet School, ICES Technology was shown to help regrow a critical bone defect in a rabbit ulna.

  • Critical bone defects should never heal
  • All samples exposed to ICES-PEMF showed partial healing
  • 40% of samples showed rapid, near total healing

Chronic Inflammation

In two studies at Charles River Labs studying the inflammation response in rats to carrageenan, ICES-PEMF was found to have a positive impact on reducing inflammation.

This is the first time any electro-magnetic device has shown measureable effects on inflammation.

Charles River Labs