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ICES Protocols

Myths, facts, and opinions from Bob Dennis

Coil Configuration

Bob Dennis quickly explores the 3 possible coil configurations to maximize results with an ICES Pulse Generator.

How to Test Coils

Coil Testing: listening for clicks, using the Coil Test Chip, replacing defective coils

Model A9: Getting Started

A quick introduction to using the Micro-Pulse A9 including suggestions for care and orientation & placement of the coils on different areas of the body.

Model A9: Batteries

Get a grasp on basic setup and operation including battery choices

Model A9: Coils and Power-Up

Checking and inserting ICES coils and System Power Up and LED indicators with the Model A9

Model A9: Maintenance

Basic Maintenance: keeping coils clean, batteries, keep away from liniments, greases, metal sheets and screens and foils.

Model M1: Introduction

An introduction to the Gen 6.1 ICES Technology used to make the Model M1 possible.

Model M1: Batteries

A quick video on how to power up the device using DLI88 compatible camcorder batteries or a USB mini-B charger cable.

Model M1: Changing Settings

A brief video describing how to setup your new Micro-Pulse ICES model M1, how to set the intensity, and how to select one of the 30 available protocols.

Model C5: Use and Care

Important tips on how to get the most out of your Model C5.