ICESTM stands for Inductively Coupled Electrical Stimulation. DigiCeutical® is the future of medicine: pain- free and non-invasive digital electronics that communicate efficiently with cells and tissues to promote health, which is replacing the centuries-old tools of medicine such as drugs, needles, saws and scalpels. ICES and DigiCeutical are trademarks of Micro-Pulse LLC, founded in 2012 by the inventor and owner of the technology, Robert G. Dennis, PhD. ICES DigiCeutical Technology is the product of nearly two decades of intensive research and development, and is now available as a commercial product.
ICES works by using Faraday induction to communicate with cells and tissues deep within a living organism. Unlike TENS stimulation which relies upon direct electrical conduction between two electrodes, ICES can penetrate both deeply and much more uniformly into tissues far beneath the skin to reach deep tissue injuries, thus allowing the use of much less power to achieve far superior results. Detailed technical descriptions and comparisons against competing technologies are presented later in this document.
ICES is an entirely new approach to electrotherapeutic stimulation of tissues, cells, and injuries in living organisms. The technology was initially developed under contract for NASA and then further developed with funding from DARPA, and continues to be developed and refined with four recently issued patents. ICES technology is continually being tested both clinically as well as scientifically at independent laboratories. It is a mature but dynamic product that takes full advantage of emerging science to continually improve the technology to keep it far ahead of the competition as the safest, most effective and least expensive electrotherapeutic product to promote tissue healing. Although our current ICES products are a mature and reliable technology, new ICES products are released approximately every 18 to 24 months to incorporate the newest electronic components and the most recent scientific advances in the field.

Patents: Micro-Pulse technology is protected by the following patents:
6,485,963 6,673,597 8,029,432 8,137,258 8,137,259 8,376,925

Trademarks: ICES, METS, and Digiceutical are all trademarks of the unique ultra-portable, highly efficient and uniquely effective electrophysical therapy devices manufactured by Micro-Pulse LLC.

Copyrights: All ICES and Digiceutical technologies are protected by international copyright

Scientific Research/Papers: Reports from independent product testing laboratories and reprints of scientific papers are summarized below, with full text versions available upon request.
We believe it does, based upon independent scientific laboratory studies and feedback from thousands of users.

Many of our competitors believe it works too, because many of them use unlicensed copies of our older ICES technology in their products. (And ironically these products cost more than ours... kind of makes us wonder what you are paying for, certainly not science or engineering)

Visit our Science and Technology page, then study the competition carefully and judge for yourself.
Go ahead and have a look at the price of competing (and usually pirated PEMF systems), then click the next question.
ICES Pemf systems can be as little as 1/50th of the cost of comparable PEMF systems because:
  • We spend zero dollars on marketing and advertising.
  • We sell DTC (direct to consumer).
  • Our ICES technology uses advanced designs that are specifically designed to be small, simple, and affordable.


All PEMF devices emit EMF by definition (PEMF is one type of EMF).

But, ICES - PEMF has been developed and optimized over the past 20 years to emit only 0.2% of the EMF energy of a typical PEMF system.

The energy required by ICES has been reduced by 99.8% without loss of biological effects.

This makes ICES much safer, lighter, smaller, and much lower cost.
Static Magnets have been in use to promote health almost as far back as recorded history. There are applicationss of famous historical figures, such as Cleopatra, using natural magnets, also called lode stones, to promote health and longevity. But the scientific evidence to support such uses is somewhat lacking. This is not to say that static magnets "do not work", rather it is most accurate to say that our understanding of how and why static magnets might work is lacking, and strong repeatable clinical data to support the use of static magnets is also somewhat thin and controversial.

TENS: this technology is common, inexpensive, and is technically simple, but it is very limited in effectiveness because it relies on electrical conduction through the skin. If surface electrodes are used then the skin barrier as well as the random conduction paths (shaped like lightning bolts) tend to isolate deep tissue injuries from effective TENS stimulation. For this reason TENS is often applied using hundreds or thousands of times the theoretical signal energy needed to communicate with the tissues, because most of the signal is lost before it reaches the intended target tissue or injury. This is why clinically the practice often involves "cranking the TENS unit up" to the point where the pain is unendurable, then dialing it back down just a bit. People usually report a temporary abatement of pain, but generally only for 20 minutes or less. Some scientists hypothesize that the reduced sensation of pain is simply because the patient is happy to be released from the very uncomfortable stimulation regime most often employed with TENS.

PEMF: Pulsed electro-magnetic fields, also known as PMF (pulsed magnetic fields) are a very common type of therapeutic device, but much less is known about how these devices work, and even if they work at all. There is not any widely accepted theory for how the pulsed magnetic fields actually interact with living cells and tissues. As a result, the internet is filled with wild speculation. In this information vacuum there are many persistent myths about PEMF. But clinicians who use PEMF state that it does work eventually if properly applied. It is often reported that it may take 6 to 9 months to see any benefit from PEMF.

ICES: Technically much more complex than TENS, ICES is based on Faraday Induction (or inductive coupling) between external coils and the electrically conductive spaces within living tissues and organs. Micro-Pulse ICES technology currently dominates this field with its advanced science, comprehensive IP, and product technology far superior to any competitor. ICES employs the use of Faraday Induction generated between paired Helmholtz coils to achieve very deep penetration into tissues. This is because the intermediate magnetic fields in the electromagnetic induction process are not thought to interact with tissues strongly, therefore they can penetrate tissues very deeply without loss of signal. This is unlike TENS where the electrical signals are mostly dissipated by skin resistance. Therefore ICES allows a much deeper and more uniform stimulation of tissues with much lower signal power, leading to much more efficient and safe product designs.
  • The ICES Pulse Generator will last indefinitely if properly cared for.
  • Lithium Polymer rechargeable batteries will last for many hundreds or thousands of recharges, depending on how well you care for them.
  • The ICES Coil Accessories are a disposable item. They should last about a month with careful use. They should be tested often and replaced as necessary, like a tooth brush.
  • Test them using the included ICES Coil Life Tester, also available as an accessory from our web page.


With feedback from thousands of users, and based upon both internal and external research, we believe ICESTM DigiCeutical® technology is best suited for the following veterinary clinical applications:
  • Orthopedic injury, non-union bone fractures and non-healing micro-fractures.
  • Refractory lesions of skin, tendon, ligament, bone & nerve.
  • Treatment of complications associated with diabetes, especially ulcers.
  • Acceleration of post-surgical recovery. Expect healing milestones approximately twice as fast as without ICES.
  • Spinal injury and paralysis. All we have now is anecdotal data on this, but the results are astonishingly good.
  • Incontinence: urinary and fecal. Our feedback from users indicates very high success rates when ICES is used.
  • Neuropathy and deep tissue injury. Lots of user feedback, better than 80% success rate.
  • Arthritis and joint injury. Lots of user feedback, better than 80% success rate.
  • Chronic pain & inflammation. Independent laboratory testing conclusively shows potent anti-inflammatory effects of ICES.
  • As an adjunct to stem cell therapy. Our original NASA data suggested this, clinical use confirms the benefits of ICES.
  • As an adjunct to acupuncture & laser/photo therapy, nutrition, and many other treatment modalities.
  • By reducing inflammation, ICES magnifies the benefits of almost every other treatment and therapy modality.
  • In-patient and out-patient care
    • Low system cost and portability allows affordable in-home use
    • Low cost and easy user training allow placement by vet-techs and other assistants
    • Effective treatment of otherwise intractable conditions vastly expands customer base
    • Flexibility in treatment location allows small and/or mobile facilities to service many more customers
    • One small veterinary practice can simultaneously treat many patients
We agree, so we continue to intensively study ICES, to improve both the product and our understanding of how it works. Our current hypothesis is that ICES treatment reduces inflammation, thus allowing natural tissue repair to progress unobstructed. (We are currently studying the biological mechanisms of ICES and inflammation.)

The immediate and very potent reduction of inflammation in the treated areas has been demonstrated by independent lab tests. A summary of the independent lab testing is available on our web page in the ICES Tech brief. Full copies of lab test data and results are available to interested researchers, contact us at

Many chronic conditions, pain, and diseases of aging are linked to inflammatory action. Pathologic inflammation may be the common link between a wide range of apparently different disease conditions and injuries. ICES allows targeted, localized, and effective control of inflammation for extended periods of time.
ICESTM DigiCeutical® technology is intended for veterinary use only under the care of a licensed professional.

ICESTM DigiCeutical® technology has NOT BEEN CLEARED BY THE US FDA AS SAFE AND EFFECTIVE for human use.

ICESTM DigiCeutical® technology is not intended do diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any disease in humans.

System Design

  • It looks simple because it is designed to be as simple as possible to operate. For the model A9, you just set the power level, place the coils over the injury and go!
  • We put 100% of our development resources and nearly two decades of work into developing a simple, very effective, scientifically-based technology.
  • We did not add cost or weight or complexity by adding useless features.
  • ICES DigiCeutical technology is the most portable, lightest weight, most affordable, most EFFECTIVE electro-magnetic therapy device you can buy.
  • Many devices look better and cost more, but you will find no reliable evidence that they work better than ICES DigiCeutical technology.
  • SECRET: What do the owners of competing products use when they have a seriously injury?
    ANSWER: ICES DigiCeutical Technology!

Honestly, we know for a fact that more than one of our competitors uses our ICES technology when they need it, while their own products sit in boxes waiting to ship out to their unsuspecting and uninformed customers. It's kind of sad, but we're just telling it like it is.
  • Wireless information/data transfer is a solved technological problem, but wireless power is not. Sending digital information wirelessly is simple and common, but transmitting energy/power wirelessly is not. No matter what you may find on the internet, Nikola Tesla did not "solve" the wireless power problem.
  • This is why batteries always have wires connecting them to the things they power. Otherwise you could just leave all of your batteries in a drawer somewhere and carry around your devices without putting batteries in them. Maybe some day this will be a reality, but for now you need cables/wires.
  • We also sell very short cables and long cables, so you can place the pulse generator as close to, or as far away from the injury as you need to.
  • The physics of ICES works best in the volume of space between the small coils. The biological response is much wider than just between the small coils, so larger coils are not needed.
  • Much larger systems from different companies are available that are based upon early ICES technology, from about a decade ago. These systems are available from other manufacturers, are not portable, and sell for $25,000 to $40,000.


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